Geodetic Surveying

SHINHAN Aerial Survey owns GPS transmitters and various measuring equipment,and conduct survey in various fields such as GPS satellite, national control point, public, river, power line cable, routes and more.We fulfill satisfaction in any surveys based on the high-precision measurement equipment and advanced technology.

Cadastral Surveying

The cadastral survey is a survey conducted to newly mark land when urban development-related projects are completed pursuant to Article 86 (1) of 『Act On The Establishment, Management, Etc. Of Spatial Data』. The cadastral survey is carried out to create and register a new land register, cadastral map, and boundary point coordinate register for land created as in the land use plan.

Business Field

· 주택 건설 사업 
· 택지 개발 사업
· 산업단지 조성 사업
· 도시 및 주거 환경 정비 사업
· 지역 개발 사업
· 체육 시설 설치 사업

· 관광 단지 개발 사업
· 공유 수면 매립 사업
· 항만 개발 사업
· 공공 주택 지구 조성 사업
· 경제 자유구역 개발 사업
· 철도 건설 사업 

Bathymetric Surveying

Bathymetric survey refers to constructing a map of the topography of the water by measuring the water level, tide, depth, and side depth of a river, reservoir, lake, or coast. In bathymetric survey, echo sounding is mainly used to measure depth by the time of round trip from the ship to the sea floor by firing ultrasonic waves from the echo-sounder.

Underground Facility Exploration

SHINHAN Aerial Survey has the latest underground facility detection equipment and technology to accurately detect underground facility based on abundant experience.

Business Field

· Investigation and Survey on Water and Sewage
· Investigation and Survey on Power & Communication Line and Pipelines for Gas & Oil