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Greetings from CEO

Greetings from CEO

Greetings from CEO

Creative company that contribute to human society by creating a corporate ecosystem that actively accepts innovative technologies
“SHINHAN Aerial Survey”
Sang Tae Bae

The Global Leader of the Spatial Information Society

“The Global Leader of the Spatial Information Society” is a motto since “SHINHAN Aerial Survey” was founded. We, SHINHAN Aerial Survey, do not settle for the title of a leading technology company in Korea, but put our top priority on the value of promoting our technology on the international stage and creating a happy world for everyone in the world through our technology. 

Recently, spatial information has been developed and serviced in a three-dimensional space that visually expresses height values in a two-dimensional plane. In addition, the paradigm of maps is also in the current situation of changing to 3D information data fused with image data.

Spatial information technology based on aerial photographic technology will create industrial demand in various forms in the fields of “High Definition Road Information” for autonomous driving, “Digitial Twin” that reproduces the real world as it is in computing space, and “Spatial Big Data Analysis Technology” that will enrich human life by processing large amounts of information.

We believe that it is the spirit of the times that we, SHINHAN Aerial Survey, should have to actively respond to these changes and create a world where people and systems can live in harmony.

We promise that the sincere efforts of SHINHAN Aerial Survey, which we have shown you over the past 20 years, will continue in the future. In addition, we will be with you as a company that practices national love that creates new added value based on knowledge.