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Employment Information


Job Posting

The basic suitability of applicants has been identified through various evaluation index
It consists of a letter of self-introduction for personal information, educational background, experience, job competency, experience, and personality.


Job Interview

Check the facts of the description of the successful applicants for document
Identifies personality, communication skills, and job performance experiences that cannot be identified by documents.
Identifies the suitability and potential of the personality factors required by the company.


Probationary Period

Validation of the validity of the employment judgment through the probationary period stipulated in Article 35 (5) of the Labor Standards Act
The process of Relationship between the company and the applicant
Improving the time and economic effectiveness between the company and the applicant.



Accepted applicants as practical members of the organization.
Accepts applicants as assets of the company and grants practical qualifications as insiders.

How to Apply for a Job at SHINHAN Aerial Survey

If you download our job application form (attached file) and send it to us by e-mail, we will review it as soon as possible and interview only those who pass the document screening will be conducted

Precautions for Filling Out a Job Application Form

1. Personal Information: Leave the reception number empty and fill out all the rest without blanks.
2. Educational Information: When filling out the certificate column, fill out all the certificates held, but even if you are currently in the “taking” state, including the “first pass”, fill out the certificate name and enter the current status in the authority column.
Job-related skills: If you believe that the skills you have are related to the company’s business, write them down all.
4. Career details: Fill out based on facts and fill out detailed career details in the “Career Statement”.
5. Job-related other activities: Fill out based on facts and fill out detailed activities in the “Experience Statement”.
6. Self-introduction letter: Separate the forms for new employees and experienced employees, and fill out the form with sincerity.

Other Precautions

1. When sending a job application, write the title of the e-mail and attached file name in the order of application field, experience/new, and name
2. Even after the final acceptance and joining the company, the acceptance may be canceled if the contents of the job application and submission documents are falsely confirmed
3. We do not return all submitted documents
4. For more information, please contact us by email or phone

Job Application


Recruit Inquiry